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Sorry for the inconvenience, my previous hosting was canceled for stupid reason beyond my control.

The synthimods pages are now available on http://www.portabellabz.be/synthimods/index.html

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Because of Google's new privacy policy with which I can not agree, the infos about my EMS Synthi modifications previously shared on this blog are now available on


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You know what ?

You know what ?
The "service" that Facebook (and the other so-called "social networks"), Google, Micro$oft and many others offer is not freedom. It's not fun. It's not social. It's not honest. It's not friendship. It doesn't preserve privacy. It's only data file, exclusion, addiction, fake, theft, spying, lies, advertising and business. It flatters human's narcissistic exhibitionism. The best way to impose something to someone is to let him believe that he wants it by himself. You are the willing victim. And you are the guilty. But you have the power to limit the damage right now : just get rid of this poor liberticide scam. Open source rules !